About Us

Our Mission:

“To understand the world, you must first find a place like Mississippi.” -William Faulkner

William Faulkner is just one of countless notable figures to realize that there is no pride quite like Mississippi pride. An idyllic state full of historical relevance, southern charm, and iconic magnolia trees, Mississippi offers a nostalgic sense of home and belonging that is unfound anywhere else. At Mississippi Pride, our mission is to provide clothing, accessories, and other paraphernalia that embody the unparalleled attributes characteristic of this paradise we call home.

Our Story:

Mississippi Pride was founded in 2014 by Ole Miss student Kyle Potts. His idea for the company was conceived from his appreciation for the state of Mississippi. He recognized the rare fervor Mississippians have for their state, and sought to create something that would express their pride.  What began as a simple idea has since grown into a prospering business; offerings include shirts, hats, and koozies branded with a unique Mississippi Pride logo and various designs. A diligent and devoted team work to keep this company as brilliant as the state it seeks to represent.